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Back office outsourcing

The back office is a collective term that refers to the portion of a business operation which is focused on handling the tasks necessary to keep a company functioning. This designation comes about from the tradition of housing these functions in the rear of a business facility, away from the general public. An arrangement of this type was once very common with all types of businesses, and still holds true for the layout of many different types of business operations such as retail stores and other sites where customers are likely to visit the facilities.
Outsourcing is the act of one company contracting with another company to provide services that might otherwise be performed by in-house employees. Often the tasks that are outsourced could be performed by the company itself, but in many cases there are financial advantages that come from outsourcing. Many large companies now outsource jobs such as call center services, e-mail services, and payroll. These jobs are handled by separate companies that specialize in each service, and are often located overseas.

There are many reasons that companies outsource various jobs, but the most prominent advantage seems to be the fact that it often saves money. Many of the companies that provide outsourcing services are able to do the work for considerably less money, as they don't have to provide benefits to their workers and have fewer overhead expenses to worry about. Depending on location, it may also be more affordable to outsource to companies located in different countries.

Outsourcing also allows companies to focus on other business issues while having the details taken care of by outside experts. This means that a large amount of resources and attention, which might fall on the shoulders of management professionals, can be used for more important, broader issues within the company. The specialized company that handles the outsourced work is often streamlined, and often has world-class capabilities and access to new technology that a company couldn't afford to buy on their own. Plus, if a company is looking to expand, outsourcing is a cost-effective way to start building foundations in other countries.

Over the years, Costa Rica has established itself as one of the largest and most outstanding shopping and tourist destination in Latin America. Factors such as political and economic stability, high levels of education, the development potential of large markets, the low cost of living, and the strategic geographical location, mean that Costa Rica is a more than favorable for investment.

Thus, as the focus of foreign capital has shifted from manufacturing enterprises (mostly textiles) to utilities (call centers, outsourcing, back office); transition given by the high level of education, the existence of a strong investment in technical education institutions, professional and English language proficiency at both state and private, and to have an edge technological infrastructure.

Many young Costa Ricans show great interest in the intellectual and technological development, which is consistent with many of the needs of global firms. Examples of international companies that today are being benefited, not only by high quality human resources, but also by large reductions in their costs, are: Intel, HP, Procter and Gamble, among others.

Call centers

A call center (in English call center or contact center) is an area where agents or call center executives, specially trained, make calls (outgoing or in English, outbound) or receive calls (incoming or inbound) from and / or to: customers (external or internal), partners, affiliates or others.

A contact center (contact center) is a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a large volume of calls and orders over the phone, which can be made for additional channels to the phone, such as fax, e-mail , chat, text messages and multimedia messages and more.

Also called "Call Centers" (call centers), they are operated by a service company that is responsible for managing and providing support and assistance to consumers as the products, services or information needed. Also calls are made on the basis of implementing the sale and collection of the company.

Also called contact centers (call centers), they are usually operated by a large work space arranged for agents or call center executives, equipped workstations including computers, phones, headsets with microphones (headsets) connected to switches telephone and one or more workstations belonging to sector supervisors.

The Outsourcing Industry and the Call Centers

Many companies looking to outsource call centers and this is how it has created an industry around this activity. The emergence of specialized companies and hiring their services, often beyond the borders (offshoring) are some of the effects of subcontracting (or outsourcing).

Critical factors for the location of a call center are: availability, education and human resource cost, in addition to the communications infrastructure. That is why call centers usually are installed in university towns or capital cities where there are many young people.

In Latin America (particularly Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador), in recent years, many companies have set up call centers in this region due to increasing reliability and infrastructure of the region to educated labor force and availability of hiring bilingual staff, but at competitive costs, and proximity to the U.S. market.

The use of call centers is dominated by large companies that need to make contact with your customers. In general, companies in the area of ​​mass market and financial companies, banks, utilities and telecommunications.

MPS Call Center

In today's highly competitive nearshore outsourcing market, a closer proximity to the United States, Central Time Zone and Spanish language capability as an added value are now considered almost basic Back Office Outsourcing requirements when making a decision on what call center to use for your important telemarketing project. Leaving this to chance is not even an option anymore. Many of the Central American offshore call center agents are bilingual in their native Middle Eastern or Asian language which is difficult to the North American ear. Whereas Spanish is more useful and practical as a second language for potential untapped markets throughout the North, Central and South American populations as well as those countries where Spanish is either a primary or secondary language.

This aspect alone has made Costa Rica a very attractive Latin America nearshore outsourcing experience. Most importantly, you can take advantage of the international tax laws granted to international companies that invest in Costa Rica and its local call center economy. The potential savings and benefits will make your outsourcing campaign a very wise business decision.

We encourage you to visit one of our call centers on your next personal vacation or business trip to Central America's paradise, Costa Rica. While you are here, we would recommend taking an extra day of your trip to visit breathtaking virgin beaches, play golf next to the ocean, try your luck at deep sea fishing, explore tropical jungles, climb volcanoes or just relax in natural hot springs. Come and see for yourself why call center outsourcing in Costa Rica is a perfect solution for your growing company and a powerhouse in the Back Office Outsourcing industry.

MPS Call Center is an outsource company located in the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica. Our main focus has been, and will always be to personally train each and every call center agent so that we may offer the highest quality of outbound and inbound telemarketing solutions and bilingual customer service to small and medium sized international companies and.

Our call center software can handle any size campaign while our highly trained nearshore call center management team can offer your business a proven method of expanding or staying in contact with your current customers without the stress and added time needed by you in order to hire and train call center telemarketers by yourself.

MPS Call Center gives your offshoring strategy a competitive business advantage by providing more than twice the number of highly trained and educated bilingual staff for the same price as you would pay within your local area for one higher paid and less well trained call center agent.

Our call center software can handle any size campaign while our highly trained call center management team can offer your business a proven method of expanding or staying in contact with your current customers without the stress and added time needed by you in order to hire and train call center agents by yourself. MPS Call Center gives your company a competitive business advantage by providing more than twice the number of highly trained and educated bilingual call center staff for the same price as you would pay within your local area for one higher paid and less well trained call center agent. The high demand for call center services has provided our company with an abundance of respectable resumes of qualified telemarketers that want to work with and for you.

With our outsourcing services, you will reach your goals and your costs are lower, have higher efficiency and productivity, avoiding having to spend in various departments, incur administrative costs, own property or be subject to lease long term.

This approach enables companies like MPS to stay in a dynamic state, ready to grow and expand in the market when they have the opportunity. All in one place.

Our Services

Based on our experience, we can create a customer service-oriented contact center embodied in leadership characteristics. We are a skilled and motivated work force using well-designed processes and managing those processes with the appropriate information.

Our goal is a balanced composite of corporate client and end-user satisfaction, product, service performance, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Our services include:

Inbound Customer Contact Center Services:
- Processing inbound end-user calls
- Processing web chat contacts-
- Processing callbacks

- Processing returns
- Providing internal help desk

Technical Support:
- Processing end-user calls
- Processing web client contacts
- Processing call-backs
- Processing non-electronic inquiries
- Service Dispatch
- Managing information systems

Outbound Contact Management:
- Processing end-user outbound contacts
- Processing electronic transactions
- Database updates
- Customer follow-up

Services and Benefits

• Outsourcing Accounting • Tax Advisory
• Financial Reporting • Certifications
• Accounting Advisory

• Call Center

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